Yes, yes, yes: I can check that all your commas and capitals are in the right place. I can nail all those their / there / they’re problems. I can, in other words, make sure that we all get out of here alive.

  • Let’s eat there, kids.
  • Let’s eat their kids.

But I can do more than that.

I can make sure that your sentences make sense. I can make sure that your characters behave … well, in character. And I can make sure that your facts aren’t fiction.

If you’ve written a novel, a short story, or any other creative prose, I can provide proofreading, copy-editing and developmental editing services tailored specifically to your requirements. Just tell me what you need.

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I don’t release anything until Alison has edited it for me. She is the single most valuable person in my whole indie-publishing process. And now that I have a publisher with their own editor, I still send my work to Alison first! I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important she is to me …

Her knowledge is astounding: she has caught wrongly constructed Russian names, incorrect dates, continuity errors, and timing errors. She offers pertinent suggestions regarding pace, flow, characterisation, tension, and even suggested scene edits to enhance the story; and she is timely. Importantly, she is very friendly and approachable regarding style suggestions; her knowledge of grammar and spelling is excellent.
Each time I get a book back from Alison, I always receive well-constructed notes, friendly hints, no snooty sarcasm, and an overall summary of my story’s strengths and weaknesses.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alison as a proofreader and copy-editor.

Andrew Barrett

Amazon bestselling crime novelist

From my very first contact with Alison in Autumn 2018 (to understand the costs/timescales of a copy-edit) I have been super-pleased with her approach, diligence, and competence.

The copy-edit service Alison provides is very thorough and goes way past a generic industry definition… she: (1) Catches and fixes typos and incorrect grammar (obvs!) (2) Reads for pace and flow, suggesting rewrites of clunky paragraphs and sections (3) Checks up on accuracy of ‘facts’ (4) Gives feedback when your characters ‘act out of character’ – as a writer it is sometimes helpful for plot reasons to stretch credibility … Alison lets you know (5) Picks up on overused words (6) Provides comment on plot evolution (sometimes positive comments!) and more …

Alison is a fantastic proof-reader and copy-editor. She is also friendly, approachable, and quick to respond to emails.

Nick M Lloyd

Science fiction novelist