The terms ‘copy-editing’ and ‘proofreading’ are often misunderstood. The lists below give some general guidance about what each process might involve.

Copy-editing – I can:

  • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, and ensure that any chosen conventions (such as -ise / -ize endings) are applied consistently.
  • Make suggestions to improve readability and reader engagement with your content, while always retaining your voice.
  • Apply a given house style or work with you to prepare a bespoke style guide.
  • Prepare a list of main characters/locations in your fiction and check that their descriptions are consistent.
  • Perform basic fact-checking (dates, historical accuracy, etc).
  • Edit for clarity using Plain English recommendations.
  • Check any references, footnotes, bibliography, etc.
  • Add mark-up and formatting to assist with layout.

Proofreading – I can:

  • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and ensure consistent usage.
  • Apply a given house style or prepare a bespoke style guide.
  • Check any cross-references, footnotes, etc.
  • Check page numbering.
  • Check numbering, position and captions of tables, illustrations, etc.
  • Check that formatting and page layout are consistent and conform to the required style.

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Yes, yes, yes: I can check that all your commas and capitals are in the right place. I can nail all those their / there / they’re problems. I can, in other words, make sure that we all get out of here alive.


First impressions count, and I’m here to help your business make a good one. Hiring a website copy editor could make all the difference in translating clicks into clients.