FlashFic FaceOff: Jun 2019

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June 2019

What would it be like if technology could read our innermost thoughts?

Shut up, Alexa.

Entry One

‘Good morning. Here at TruThink Technologies, we are the proud producers of thoughts for swifter and more efficient thinking. We aim to deliver your thoughts on time. Please note that we record all calls for training purposes. We are proud of our customer approval rate of 99.6% – We are tracking your cognitive delivery now, but would like to ask that you participate in a short survey…’
‘Don’t bother, I already know what I think of your company.’

Entry Two

When mankind fell, we knew the turning point. An app called Epiphany. It allowed us to talk directly to our God. To share our hopes and our fears, and God would answer back. We didn’t know the AI behind the algorithm would turn those dreams and fears against us.

Voting has now closed for this contest.
The winner was Henry Bladon (Entry One), with 67% of the vote. Congratulations, Henry!

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