FlashFic FaceOff: May 2019

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May 2019

This month we have a couple of very short shorts – and we’re not talking Daisy Duke. If you like your stories dark, you’ve come to the right place…

Entry One

They named her London Dungeon, a wretched name for a wretched life. The torture theme was all too on-the-nose.
More than ten thousand of her brothers and sisters are killed each year.
She was too slow, like so many others.
But her love is faster than the speed of light.

Entry Two

Flush with the proposal and prosecco she joked “Alexa, show me his past.”
Images flashed up of wingless moths, kittens with their heads dashed in and a young girl, bruised and crying.
Three Google map locations appeared, hidden deep in the woods where no one would look.

Voting has now closed for this contest.
The winner was Adam Davies (Entry Two), with a whopping 88% of the vote. Congratulations, Adam!